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Amazon - Great Indian Festival - Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine @ DEEP DISCOUNT

 Hello ShopDigmers, The much-awaited Amazon Great Indian Festival is here.  It is going to start from 3rd October and there are huge discounts available on each and every product listed on Amazon.  The sale has already been started for Amazon Prime Members from Today, 2nd October.  As always, we are here to update you with Great Discount Deals on many products.   If you are looking to purchase a Top Load Washing Machine, here is the deal on one of the Best Selling Top Load Washing Machine, which is known for Quality, durability and Performance.  Yes, Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is now available at 13,290 (After applying ₹500.00  Coupon), at a discount of almost ~20%.  Also, you will get further 10% discount on using HDFC Cards.  Ain't it a bumper deal ? To view & buy this on Amazon, Click Here -->  Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine  

అమెజాన్ లో చిన్న పిల్లల ఆక్టివిటీ పుస్తకాలు ఇప్పుడు కేవలం రూ . 82 నుండి మాత్రమే!!!!

 Hello ShopDigmers, అమెజాన్‌లో చిల్డ్రన్స్ బుక్స్‌ అనగా అనేక రకాల పిల్లల పుస్తకాలు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి, కానీ నాణ్యత మరియు కంటెంట్ కోసం ప్రసిద్ధి చెందిన కొన్ని బ్రాండ్లు ఉన్నాయి. మీ అందరికీ తెలిసినట్లుగా, సోలిమో అనేది ప్రముఖ బ్రాండ్, ఇది అమెజాన్‌లో అనేక రకాల ఉత్పత్తులను విక్రయిస్తుంది, ముఖ్యంగా పుస్తకాల కేటగిరీలో. నేడు, వారు అన్ని Solimo బుక్ కేటగిరీ ఉత్పత్తులైన బోర్డ్‌బుక్స్, పాపప్ బుక్స్, కలరింగ్ బ్యాగ్‌లు, ఫ్లాష్ కార్డులు, స్టోరీ బుక్స్, బేబీ రికార్డ్ బుక్స్, యాక్టివిటీ బుక్స్, ఫోమ్ బుక్స్, వర్క్ బిల్డర్, స్టిక్కర్ ప్యాక్, క్రాస్‌వర్డ్ ప్యాక్ మొదలైన వాటిపై గొప్ప తగ్గింపులను అందిస్తున్నారు. రూ .82 కంటే తక్కువ రేంజ్ నుంచి ప్రారంభమవుతుంది. ఎందుకు వేచి ఉండడం??  ధరలు పెరగడానికి ముందే కొనేయండి! పైన చెప్పినవన్నీ అమెజాన్ లో కొనడానికి ఇక్కడ క్లిక్  చేయండి-   Solimo Childrens Books @82

Loot Deal - Amazon - Children's Board Books -Solimo - Starting at Rs.82!!!

 Hello ShopDigmers, We are back now with a great deal on Children's Books.   On Amazon, there are several ranges of Children's books available, but there are few such brands which are known for quality and content.  As you all know, Solimo is a popular brand that sells wide variety of products on Amazon, and notably in Books Category. Today, they are offering great discounts on all the Solimo Book Category products such as BoardBooks, Popup Books, Colouring Bags, Flash Cards, Story Books, Baby Record Books, Activity Books, Foam Books, Work Builder, Stickers Pack, Crossword pack etc. starting from the range of as low as Rs.82.  Why wait then, go grab one of them before the prices are up. Here is a link to view and buy the above on Amazon  --  Solimo Children Books starting @Rs.82   

Loot Deal !!! Amazon - Saffola Oats, Rolled Oats, 100% Natural - 400 gm Free with 1 Kg

 Hello ShopDigmers, Yet another loot deal that we found out and bringing it to you !! We believe many of you consume Oats as part of your diet.  We have various brands available in the Market which sell oats, of which Saffola is known for selling Quality Oats and that too at a decent price. Now, On Amazon, there is a Freebie Deal available for Saffola 100% Natural Oats.  Yes, you get a 400 gm Saffola Natural Oats pack on buying 1 Kg Saffola Oats.  Before the stock is out, go grab one. You can buy Saffola Oats from Amazon from here -  Saffola Natural Oats - 1 Kg  

Amazon- Lightning Deal - Surf Excel Matic Liquid - Top Load

 Hello ShopDigmers, I think there is no need to give a brief about Surf Excel Liquid Detergent.  It is one of the top selling liquid detergents in the country, which is known for Tough Stain Removals with just a cap full of liquid when used in Washing Machines. Today, we bring to you another lightning deal on Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent - Top Load.  As part of lightning deals, it is now available at 12% discount to its MRP -- now at only ₹375.   Also, you will get any other Bank Offers/Discounts that are available.  Since this is a Lightning Deal, hurry up and claim the deal before it is expired. Buy this from Amazon -->  Surf Excel Matic Liquid - Top Matic  

Amazon-American Tourister Casual Backpack at deep discount (57%) - @999 only.

 Hello ShopDigmers, Back with a bumper deal again.  Many of you purchase Bags & Luggage online but get confused when it comes to choosing the final product.  However, there are certain brands, which do not need further explanation, the name tells the story.  One such brand is American Tourister.  Pick any variant of it, you will not regret!  You will be surprised about the quality, durability, and the unique designs AT products. For Backpack lovers, here is the deal - there is a hefty discount going on currently on Amazon on 32 L (Dimensions: 32.5 cms x 18 cms x 50 cms (LxWxH)) Casual Backpacks, which is currently available at a whooping 57% discount .   You may choose any casual back from a variety of designs available on Amazon Buy from Amazon here -  American Tourister Casual Backpack 32L Deal Price - ₹999 MRP - ₹2300 Discount - 57% Savings - ₹1301    

Amazon- Huge discounts on Kids Essentials - Cloths, Toys, Books, Stationery, Beauty !!

Hello ShopDigmers, Many of you shop online when you want to purchase anything for your children.  But most of the times, you spend a lot of time in figuring out which one to select, which product does provide more discount, but a great quality? Ain't it ? Yes, everyone spends a lot of time in searching, picking and finalizing the products for your babies and kids.  If you agree that it's a lengthy process, here we go, where we reduce the effort that you put in for this shopping exercise.   Curated, well-thought, and useful collection of all the kids and baby products are now just accessible by a single click.. We at ShopDigm, makes things easier for you, so you can save time and get a great deal out of your shopping.   Moreover, huge discounts with better quality are always at your disposal.  Why wait? have a look at the below Best Offers on Kids Essentials from T2F and Cloth Theory Upto 30% off on Children's Books Best Offers on Kids Essentials from UCB, USPA & Allen S

Amazon - Lightning Deal - Amazon Brand - Solimo Microfibre Printed Comforter, 200 GSM, Double (Carmine Candy, 230 x 254 cm)

  Sleep, which is an important part of every human's routine.  We tend to spend almost 1/3rd of our lives in sleeping.  Hence, all the Bed Linen that you use plays a very pivotal role in how better our sleep patterns are.   So, in order to make your bedroom a sleep haven, you need to give utmost importance with respect to choosing the correct bed linen, be it a pillow, or a comforter, or a Mattress.   And in a chilling winter, it's the job of a comforter that makes you feel cozy as soon as the the mercury meter comes donw! Basically, a comforter is a bed linen which is made of two layers of fabric, which are sewn together with some kind of filling inside which gives appropriate warmth during winters.  It's a must have winter accessory.  You find these comforters in different sizes and colors and you can pick them as you need, based on your tastes.   It's not a big deal when you have to choose the right comforter for you, especially when you are buying online.  And on Am

Best 1 Ton AC with advanced features - Whirlpool Magicool Inverter 5 Star AC - Amazon

 Hello ShopDigmers, Back with a good deal again on one of the most awaited category Air Conditioner.  Amazon, as always, has wide variety of air conditioners listed on its website and we checked most the air conditioners and back now with a good suggestion on Air Conditioner that costs your pocket less, but provides a great comfort and performance among the Air Conditioner category. And the brand we are talking about is Whirlpool.  Yes, Whirlpool, known for its great brand value and large variety of Home Appliances is one of the leaders in the Air Conditioner Category also.  After careful review of all the specs/features of several ACs within its catalogue, we liked Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO 5 Star Inverter Split AC much, because it stood apart from its peers on various parameters.  Here are some reasons as to why you should go for this AC. * Turbo Cooling , which cools even at 55*C  * 6th Sense Fast Cooling Technology * IntelliSense Inverter Technology * R32 ECO Refrigerant * Stabilizer-

Haier 256 L 3 STAR Refrigerator - Too - good - to - resist deal on Amazon

 Hello ShopDigmers, Amazon offers a wide variety of refrigerators on its platform.  Haier is a renowned platform in the Appliances Category, especially Refrigerators.  It's known for Durability and Performance.  Below is a Haier Refrigerator that might suit your needs with the following features. Door Type: Double Door FreezerType: Bottom Freezer Type: Frost Free StarRating: 3 Star  Actual Capacity: 256 litres Technology: 8 In 1 Convertible Freezer Lamp: Yes Warranty Summary: 1 year warranty on product and 10 years warranty on compressor And the model is  Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HEB-25TDS-E, Dazzle Steel, Convertible) You can purchase it from Amazon from here -  Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator

Amazon - Presto Dishwash gel @ huge discount

 Hello ShopDigmers, Presto! Dishwash Gel is a tough and effectives dish wash formulation that cuts tough grease from dirty utensils while being gentle on your hands. The gel is highlight efficient and effectively fights stains of a sink-full* of utensils in just one spoonful. The strong cleansing properties of the dishwash gel make turning dirty dishes into squeaky-clean ones, easy. Presto! Dishwash Gel is packed in sturdy packaging which hold the gel securely in, keeping the area neat and tidy. Also, the gel nature of this dish cleaner allows for a more convenient application as you don’t have to deal with soggy soap bars which can create a mess. Presto! Dishwash Gel eliminates foul smells from utensils and gives a refreshing fragrance. So, go and grab the deal here ..  Buy Presto Dishwash Gel 2L

Amazon - Great Freedom Festival - 5th - 9th Aug - Discounts- Faber-Castell Crayon Set!!

 Hello ShopDigmers, Yet another sale by Amazon has started.  It's not many days since the Prime Day sale is  complete, and bang on....Amazon has started a new sale - Great Freedom Festival.  The sale is live now (from 5th August) and lasts till 9th of August 2021.  Also, you will get 0% Instant Discount up to Rs.1250 with SBI Credit Cards (Non-EMI) on Minimum purchase of Rs.5000    There are several products which are now available at deep discount rates.  Especially, kids Craft and Drawing Materials.  ShopDigm found one such great deal on Amazon which is currently offering product at a discounted price, and the Product is Faber-Castell Grip Erasable Crayon Set - Pack of 24 (Assorted). Faber Castell is a very well known brand in drawing materials, especially Crayons.  You can now buy this on Amazon. Details MRP - 165 Discount - 16% Final Price - Rs. 139  Visit the Product Page here

Amazon - iD Fresh Products - Filter Coffee - Instant Decoction - Deep Discount

 Hello ShopDigmers,    Coffee has become a go-to drink for a majority of the population across the world for centuries.  In moderate in-takes it is said to be one of the best option to rejuvenate one's energy and boost the activeness, saying good bye to laziness!! Caffeine , which is the core ingredient of coffee, is most widely used psychoactive substance in the world and has become an integral part of one's life!!  There are several variants of coffee which are consumed across geographies.  In India, one favorite variant of coffee is Filter Coffee.  Though it is a morning drink majorly in Southern part of India, its consumption is gaining momentum across India from over a decade. There are several brands which currently sell the filter coffee.  However, very few brands are known for selling Instant Filter Coffee Decoction!  iD Fresh is one among them.  iD Fresh, which is known for selling products without any preservatives is into selling instant Filter Coffee decoction for o

An Indian FMCG Brand that is known for Natural Consumer Products and Ayurvedic Products - Yes, Dabur it is!!

 Hello ShopDigmers, Many FMCG brands across the world have a common phenomenon of maintaining multiple product lines under its own brand.  As the customers shopping needs pertain to different behaviors , tastes, experiences, it is inevitable for brands to have multiple product lines to cater to majority of the needs of the customers!!!  Of these FMCG brands, few stand apart with their unique style of offerings.  These consumer goods companies majorly look into providing Natural Consumer products.  One such company in India is the, Dabur Group  - Known for its Ayurvedic products and natural consumer products.  It is one of the largest FMCG companies in India.  They have multi varieties of products catering across Teeth Care, Immunity Products, Surface Cleaners, Lip Care, Eye Care, and Skin Care products. And on Amazon, you have a dedicated store for entire Dabur Products, which also is currently offering  discounts.  If you like any of the Dabur Products, then, link is below! Dabur Stor

One Indian Brand that is making waves in the Cosmetics World - SUGAR!!

How many of you shop Cosmetics online?? When you do, what are the key things that you take into account, while shopping online??  From Skin Care products to Makeup Products, everything that you think of is now found online, that too at with discounts and Free Home Delivery.  On Amazon, you find many of Cosmetic brand stores from which you can buy the desired product. Of all the Brands, there are certain Indian Brands which have evolved recently and left an astounding impression in the Beauty World !  One among them is Sugar Cosmetics!  Yes, it's an Indian brand and favorite of many of us. It is known for its Quality and also it is a cruelty-free makeup brand that is high on style and higher on performance.  It has some of the world's best selling products across lips, eyes, face and nail categories!!   And on Amazon,  you find a dedicated store for Sugar Cosmetics, with countless offers running right now!!  So, if you are one of those who like Sugar Cosmetics, then Buy it from

Nintendo Games : Best Nintendo Game for Nintendo Switch - Borderlands Legendary Collection

  Hello ShopDigmers, How many of you are Nintendo Switch Fans here?  Of all the Nintendo Switch Games, one popular and most favorite game is BorderLands (Legendary Collection ) which includes pre sequel, Borderlands and Borderlands 2.  This collection comes with extra loaded add-on content.  Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition   -  The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution Borderlands 2   - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty,  Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, Mechromancer Pack (play as Gaige), Psycho Pack (play as Krieg) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel --  Claptastic Voyage, The Holodome Onslaught, Baroness Pack (play as Aurelia), Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack (play as "Jack")     Why wait when you get all the three legendary collections at a single place.   Buy here -  Borderlands Legendary Colle

Dominoes Stacking Toys -- Benefits...!!! - Toyshine Wooden Dominoes

  Children love to play many classic board games and toys which are typically useful in developing wide variety of skills while they are growing.  While all of them are proven to be effective, there are certain games and toys, which are quite unconventional, but are a very great tools for learning.  Normally, parents don't give it a thought about these games, but Yeah, these unconventional games are helpful in many ways. One such category of Toys that we refer to are Dominoes Stacking Toys.  Children do benefit from playing with these stacking Dominoes Toys in several ways.     - It helps improve the memory  - A Great Stress Buster , in fact , both for parents as well as children - Improves Motor Skills - Enhances the Critical Thinking Ability  This Dominoes Stacking requires a Strategic Mindset and also Good Planning for to make the output of the game to the most.  There are several brands,  which are into Dominoes Stacking Toys making, that are available on Amazon.  We found one

Philips Audio 2.1 Channel Speakers - Amazon Prime Day Sale - July 26th to July 27th - Huge Discounts

Your wait is over.  Most awaited Amazon Sale has started - “Amazon Prime Day Sale 2021” is live now and lasts till 27th July EOD.  This is one of the best discount sales across all the e-commerce platforms in India, which offers best discounts and offers across the millions of brands listed on its website.  As part of Prime Day Sale, there are several deep discounted products.  Remember, Prime Day Offers are valid only for Prime Members. If you are not a Prime Member Yet, Go become One now....!! There are huge discounts on Audio Systems! One such deal is stated below, where you get 13% discount (+HDFC Bank Credit Card Discount) on Philips 2.1 Speakers.  Below is the Product - Philips 2.1 Multimedia Convertible USB Speakers. Keep looking for more updates. 1)      Philips Audio MMS8085B/94 80W 2.1 Channel Convertible USB Speakers

Prime Day Sale on Amazon (July 26th-27th) - Huge Discount on OnePlus Televisions

Much anticipated Amazon Sale is here - “Amazon Prime Day Sale 2021” is now going to be live from 12 AM 26th of July to 27th July.  This is one of the best discount sales across all the e-commerce platforms in India, which offers best discounts and offers across the millions of brands listed on its website.  Amazon Prime Day Sale starts from 26th July and ends at 27th July. Prime Day Offers are valid only for Prime Members. Get set for shopping...!! Collect the Rs.1000 Coupon visible on the Loading Page of the TV You can also apply Bank Discount (upto a maximum of Rs. 1750 on HDFC Credit Cards)  Below is a deep-discounted deal on OnePlus 43" Television.  Keep looking for more updates. 1)      OnePlus 108 cm (43 inches) Y Series Android TV

Amazon Prime Day Sale (July 26th-27) - Huge Deals on Gaming Consoles

 The most awaited Sale of Amazon “Amazon Prime Day Sale 2021” is now going to be live from 12 AM 26th July to 27th July.  This is one of the best discount sales across all the e-commerce platforms in India, which offers best discounts and offers across the millions of brands listed on its website.  Amazon Prime Day Sale starts from 26th July and ends at 27th July. Prime Day Offers are valid only for Prime Members. Get set for shopping...!! Below are some great deals on Gaming Consoles.  Keep looking for more updates. 1)     Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise